Why We Choose to Be Organic

Our Commitment to Healthy Soil and Healthy Plants 

Breath of Spring is a fully organic landscape designer. What this means is that we only use natural materials in all garden and landscaping applications. We choose to be fully environmentally friendly with plant and garden materials we install. We rely on organic potting soil that offers additional nutrients and promotes healthy growth without the use of harmful chemicals or greenhouse gases. The potting soil we install is made from 100 percent natural organic fibers. We are committed to the best landscaping materials for your property that promote a healthy environment without sacrificing quality. 

As an organic landscape designer, we believe in bringing life to your soil with natural materials. Our organic soil includes a combination of enzymes and minerals, as well as bacteria and fungi that are actually beneficial to your landscaping. The healthiest soil possible will lead to the steady growth of healthy plants. By using organic soil, your garden will grow tall and beautiful. We believe that healthy, natural soil breeds healthy plants. By remaining committed to natural materials, we produce the healthiest, most vibrant gardens possible. 

By using organic soil, you won’t have to rely on harmful, expensive fertilizers that are dangerous for the environment. Fertilizers contain chemicals that can pollute your soil when used in excess amounts. They can also end up in water sources and pollute them. We are committed to doing our part to remain environmentally friendly. This means relying less on harmful, pollutant fertilizers. Breath of Spring’s use of organic soil makes a difference for your garden and the environment at large. 

For organic, environmentally friendly landscaping solutions, turn to Breath of Spring. We use organic materials with all our landscaping projects. Our trusted services are available for properties throughout Greenwich, CT; Rye, NY; Scarsdale, NY; and Harrison, NY. We can assist with the design and installation of your landscaping project. Our experienced staff promotes a healthy landscape that will lead to a healthy home for you and your family. Call us today to schedule a consultation

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