Hear what our satisfied client have to say!

Eric & Marie - Stamford
This Spring we are getting to fully see the beautiful landscape you created. Although the canvas you had to work from was nice, you’ve added depth, colors, textures that have created a gorgeous painting. All who visit never want to leave!
We know how much love and passion you have put into our home and we are so very thankful!
Lauren & Steve - Rye

When we first moved to the suburbs my husband and I weren’t new to home ownership but we were very new to owning land and had no idea what to do with it.  After meeting with a few different landscape designers we felt even more unsure; they mostly wanted to hear our ideas.  Enter Breath of Spring and a breath of fresh air.  Not only did Annie have a clear vision for how to transform our yard and driveway but she went above and beyond, correcting improper drainage and various other issues that not only improved the aesthetics of our property but also our ease of enjoying it.  She and her team expertly relocated many existing plantings and brought others back to life, saving us the cost of buying new ones.  Perhaps the most impressive improvement was clearing out the overgrown clutter to provide more light, air and water views which we now appreciate every day.       

Breath of Spring did a fantastic job for us and we highly recommend them to anyone looking for a creative, sensible, and knowledgeable team of professionals. 

Kim D. - New Rochelle, NY

Our family purchased a home in New Rochelle where the grounds had been neglected for years – overgrown trees and plants and poorly manicured bushes underwhelmed the beauty and potential of the property. While I had a vision in my mind of how the landscape should be, the sheer scope of the project was overwhelming.


In came Anne! With her exceptional knowledge in Botany, Ann reassured me that many of the plants could be saved and transplanted to form the beginning of a longer term landscape plan. I could not have imagined such a transformation! We are just at the beginning of what will be a long-term project, but one thing I’m clear on – Ann will be leading the way!


If you want vision, vitality and value – I highly recommend Breath of Spring!

Chelsea & Taresh B. - Rye, NY

“We appreciate you and your team and all the work you’ve done with us this year! Not only the work itself but the conversations, patience and guidance along the way.”

Anonymous – Harrison, NY

“Breath of Spring made what was an unusable, dangerous backyard into a family-friendly, functional space. Annie and her team uncovered and exposed portions of the backyard that had been untouched for years and were previously perilous. We wanted the design to be as natural as a stone wall could possibly look, and did they deliver. The stone wall curves along the landscape to make it feel like it has been there for generations instead of a few months. The thoughtful design and outcome went above and beyond our expectations. It’s made a significant impact on our lives and made it safe for our children and pets. We could not be happier with their work.”

Gordon H. – Rye, NY

“We started with Annie years ago. She designed and built a front garden that continues to bloom profusely from April through October. Since then, Breath of Spring has completely transformed our property, from extensive planting, berming and stone walls that successfully screened out a new house to building a multi-layer terrace that seamlessly integrates a substantial house addition into our backyard. Not only have the results been spectacular but the landscape looks like it has been that way for decades.”

Kimberly L. – Rye, NY

“Annie and the Breath of Spring team deliver personalized service and an excellent result. Her focus is to ensure the project looks natural while enhancing the environment. We have done 4 houses and will keep coming back!”

Anonymous - White Plains, NY

“Annie has an amazing ability to see what the landscape could be and to make it happen. The finished product looks so natural it looks like it’s always been there.”

Brittany Hattingh - Norwalk, CT

“Annie gave me great advice as to what to plant in all of my gardens so that they can thrive in the sun or shade. She expertly laid out each one and her experience and expertise were evident. I’m very happy with the outcome and I highly recommend using their services.”

The Larchmont House

This is the landscape beautification tale of our Larchmont “Lake House” and how Breath of Spring made our dreams come true. Purchased June 1998 our c1907, 650 sq. ft. cottage was hardly a “house” and certainly not by a lake, but rather a termite-ridden, former garden shed for the long-gone ornamental flower pond that once resided behind our 1907 cottage. The aforementioned pond was drained and built over decades ago, leaving behind severe drainage problems for all surrounding neighbors:

June 1998
October 2000

Fast forward to 2019, after a complete gut-rehab of the original cottage, an addition to accommodate our family of five, we focused on prepping for three rounds of college and building our businesses; the yard = no attention whatsoever.

2019 was our year for ACTION – but who to engage in this complete landscape wipe and reboot? We interviewed a few prospects
and immediately connected with Breath of Spring (BoS). When other designers scoffed at our “tiny” 50’x100’ plot, BoS was energized
and charmed by our cottage.

Full Disclosure: we are professional theatre building designers|contractors and usually do most of our own home improvements = we
understand schedule/procurement and project management. Breath of Spring listened to our ideas the way we listen to our clients. We
worked together to rough in a great overall design, discussed plant choices in detail and had even had “plant homework” – which was
surprisingly fun.

A 2JUL19 modest deposit put us in BoS’s schedule. Then came the largest challenge: a tight project deadline of 2AUG19. We wanted to
host a kick-off business event in our new yard: OHLs:” Can do?” BoS: “Can do!”

BoS Owner Annie quickly brought in a retinue of trusted partners to help execute this landwipe/rebuild: fence, sprinkler, mason and sod
masters. Their fair prices, service and communication was reflective of Annie’s high value bar. We supplied the demolition, painter and
electrician. Garage demo was 5JUL19.

Plants were delivered to Annie’s Pelham house for viewing the next week and landscaping began 22JUL19. Our 12-day miracle began with
a beehive of activity! A small earthmover was parked in our yard; the destruction of our former “landscaping” was swift, (with very few
“survivors” to replant) diligent and respectful of our neighbors.

Over the course of the next two intense weeks, Breath of Spring & Company braved heat waves, deluges and a few hours of “too-many-trades–
in-the-sandbox” with great tenacity, grit and humor. Annie’s amazing eye for solving our drainage issues have proved to be a dazzling benefit
of the project – our often overworked sump pumps have rarely engaged all through fall rains! The entire result is beyond our expectations.

Now, please enjoy a few of our project photos that attest to this amazing transformation:

Front Yard
Front Drainage Added
Side Yard/Right Rear
With Drainage Added
Side Yard/Right Front
Jennie & Dan, Mamaroneck, NY

“Our yard is looking beautiful; We are looking to enjoy it for year to come.”

Jenny C. from Mamaroneck, NY

“I loved my backyard and its potential before the troubles. After the fiasco, I couldn’t bear to look at it – I felt responsible for plundering it.

Enter Perri & Annie and voila, my faith and optimism have been restored! It has been my honor to trust you and your creativity and to witness the power of true commitment and passion. I am beyond grateful – I am resurrected! I love looking out my windows at the backyard now, yay! THANK YOU!!!”

Anonymous from Purchase, NY

Dear Annie,

No words can describe the pleasure I feel every time I am looking at my garden. It was so worth the wait and I’d even say it was supposed to happen exactly like that. Thank you for transforming our little plot into such a magical space.

Matt T. from Rye, NY

Please thank Annie and crew for always delivering value, honesty and creativity. The work she has done for the price she charged is an unbeatable value.

Kate and Ryan D. from White Plains, NY

Since my husband and I moved into our house, we loved the privacy of our backyard, but knew that it needed work. The property is on a downward slope and the retaining walls and steps to the back half of the yard were crumbling, rendering it hard to reach and unusable. Much of the space was overgrown and there were drainage issues on the top portion, making it difficult to grow anything.
As soon as Breath of Spring came out, we knew we found the right people for the project. Annie immediately understood what we needed (and wanted!) and was able to come up with an extraordinary plan that used much of the existing materials on our property in order to meet our budget. And by plan, I really mean vision. Annie was the only person we met with who came up with an idea to truly transform the space –she proposed pushing back the location of the existing top retaining wall back in order to extend the top portion of the property.
She and her team also came up with a beautiful way to wind the steps around and down to the bottom half, instead of having them stick out into that space. They added a winding river rock bed that fits seamlessly and recommended native plants that blend in with the woods
beyond our property line to make it appear even larger.
Everyone we dealt with at the company, the crew, the office, etc. was extremely professional and committed to excellence. There are numerous details they thought of that we never would have. They completely surpassed our expectations – on a daily basis cannot get over the gorgeous new glen they created and that we now get to enjoy. We are extremely lucky to have found them and had the chance to
work with them. We cannot laud or recommend them enough! They have new clients for life!

John and Stacy D. from Pelham Manor, NY

Thank you again for the excellent job you and your team performed. Looking forward to using out patio.

Greg K. from Mamaroneck, NY

Annie is, and always has been, ahead of the landscaping curve. She listens to what the existing landscape (and hardscape) tells her and implements a wealth of sustainable techniques and horticultural knowledge when designing her response.
Annie was “green” before it was cool, and civil engineers faced with drainage problems requiring natural, “outside the box” solutions frequently consult her.
Annie is astute at blending the client’s needs with the variables and limitations of the given setting, and she’s not afraid to introduce the client to new ideas and fresh perspectives. Annie & the gang at Breath of Spring are simply the right choice for clients seeking sustainable, environmentally conscious (and of course beautiful!) results.”

Tricia and Steve A. from Rye, NY

“Breath of Spring is where the science and artistry of landscape design meet! Annie and the talented, hardworking Breath of Spring crew have surrounded our home with elegant and serene gardens. Annie possesses an immense body of knowledge regarding optimization of healthy plant growth, as well as an impressive expertise in organics.
The team worked together seamlessly to develop a collective vision for our property, one that was consistent with our century-old home. Their vision, artistry and hard work led to an absolute transformation of our property! With keen eyes for elegance and balance,
Annie re-shaped several of our existing trees and plants, and then selected and thoughtfully placed several new ones. She also created a lovely rock garden that looks as if it has existed for a hundred years, to which she added many flowering plants that bloom is succession. We are able to enjoy blooming flowers for months-on-end! Annie balanced our property grade, thereby increasing our usable space, and even developed a beautiful organic lawn. She left no stone unturned! We now spend a great deal more time outside our home, enjoying the vibrant and gracious gardens created by Annie and the fabulous crew of Breath of Spring!”