Reliable Landscape Design and Drainage Solutions

Breath of Spring offers a full range of landscaping & drainage solutions services and will be there for you every step of the way from preliminary consultation, site analysis, all the way through the installation. We have an experienced and efficient staff of full-time employees, who will happily apply their knowledge to create your perfect space. Our landscape designers are proud to serve the Westchester, NY and Greenwich, CT. Call our team to learn more about our landscaping and drainage solution services or schedule a consultation today!

Our Services

Site Analysis and Design

Before beginning your job, we will provide a preliminary consultation and a site review. We can then create a detailed design and provide you with a full proposal that includes a budget breakdown that you can review before work begins.

Complete Site Development
Water Control and Drainage
Decorative Hardscaping

Healthy Soil, Healthy Plants

Breath of Spring has always been and always will be fully organic. Unlike most landscaping companies, we know what it truly means to be organic.

Organics is really in the science of the soil, including biology, biochemistry, and to some extent geology and hydrology, so doing it right is not easy.

At Breath of Spring we understand that good organic soil is a living and delicate web; a combination of soil types, beneficial bacteria, fungi, single cell organisms, enzymes, and minerals. The science is remarkably intricate, but vital for bringing life to the soil!

Real, organic, healthy soil builds healthy plants. This in turn feeds and cleanses the environment, which improves the health of everything including you, your family, and of course our animal neighbors.

Plant and Garden Installation

Each tree, shrub and perennial that we provide is personally checked and handpicked by one of our designers. Once the soil is up to our standard and properly graded, the beds are laid out and modified as necessary. Our designers control everything, including the placement of each plant, wall, decorative boulder, and the curve of every bed-line. Quality plants combined with an experienced installer and creative thinking are the keys to our beautiful landscapes.

Making the Impossible, Possible

For those of us who live in Westchester and Southern Connecticut, we know how difficult it can be to find a beautiful property with all the landscaping ready to go. And if you can find a property like this, it typically comes at a premium. At Breath of Spring we specialize in thinking outside the box to transform your property and give you a beautiful landscape. Your landscape should and will look as though it had always been there.

Reclaiming seemingly lost yards and transforming difficult properties into interesting and useable spaces is a challenge that we meet with discipline and dedication.

The result is a seamless natural landscape. It will be a pleasure to transform your space and we ask that you reach out to our team whenever you are ready for us to get to work!