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With the weather improving and things opening up, it’s finally time to start thinking about entertaining friends and family at home. We all have a renewed appreciation for the outdoors and nature. If you want to spend this spring and summer fully appreciating the outdoors and socializing with all of your friends and family, now is the perfect time to get your yard ready. We have assembled some tips and tricks for sprucing up your property in time for your next barbecue or outdoor party. 

Clean Out Messy Beds

Remove leftover leaves from empty beds and cut back expired perennial plants, including ornamental grasses – this will allow them to sprout new growth as the weather continues to get warmer. Clean up the look of your beds by adding a neat edge to beds to define the space. Proper edging gives beds a clean look and clearly differentiates between your lawn and landscaping. As your last step, refresh your mulch for a fresh look. Some people opt to use river rock in their beds if they prefer less maintenance. 

Replace Tired Plants

Plants age just as we do. Old, tired plants are more susceptible to disease and can require more care to be healthy. Determine whether you’re overexerting yourself to care for a tired plant when the best option would be replacing it with a healthy plant. This is a great time of year to replace run-down plants, switching labor-intensive varieties with low-maintenance replacements, or checking out a new type of plant that adds interest to your landscape. 

Aerate Your Lawn

Lawn aeration is an essential annual procedure for your yard. It involves removing plugs of turf and soil to allow nutrients, moisture, and oxygen to reach the roots of your grass. Pair your aeration service with overseeding to fill in weak areas in your turf. Without regular aeration, your lawn is unlikely to be absorbing the fertilizer and nutrients applied to it during maintenance visits. 

Enlist Our Landscaping Professionals

If you need help getting your yard and landscaping ready for guests this summer, a professional landscape designer can help you figure out how to proceed. Breath of Spring has helped homeowners throughout the Greenwich, CT and Rye, Scarsdale, and Harrison, NY areas refresh and revitalize their properties year after year. Whether you need new landscaping, want to maximize your drainage, or look into masonry installations, our professionals are here to help. Get your yard ready for entertaining with our help and reach out to us today! 

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