Greg Krywosa, P.E.

"Annie is, and always has been, ahead of the landscaping curve. She listens to what the existing landscape (and hardscape) tells her, and implements a wealth of sustainable techniques and horticultural knowledge when designing her response.

Annie was “green” before it was cool, and civil engineers faced with drainage problems requiring natural, “outside the box” solutions frequently consult her.

Annie is astute at blending the client’s needs with the variables and limitations of the given setting, and she’s not afraid to introduce the client to new ideas and fresh perspectives. Annie & the gang at Breath of Spring are simply the right choice for clients seeking sustainable, environmentally conscious (and of course beautiful!) results.”

Tricia & Steve Agosta

“Breath of Spring is where the science and artistry of landscape design meet! Annie, Barrie and the talented, hardworking Breath of Spring crew have surrounded our home with elegant and serene gardens. Annie and Barrie each possess an immense body of knowledge regarding optimization of healthy plant growth, as well as an impressive expertise in organics.
They worked together seamlessly to develop a collective vision for our property, one that was consistent with our century-old home. Their vision, artistry and hard work led to an absolute transformation of our property! With keen eyes for elegance and balance, Annie and Barrie moved and re-shaped several of our existing trees and plants, and then selected and thoughtfully placed several new ones. They also created a lovely rock garden that looks as if it has existed for a hundred years, to which they added many flowering plants that bloom is succession. We are able to enjoy blooming flowers for months-on-end!

Annie and Barrie balanced our property grade, thereby increasing our usable space, and even developed a beautiful organic lawn. They left no stone unturned! We now spend a great deal more time outside our home, enjoying the vibrant and gracious gardens created by Annie, Barrie and the fabulous crew of Breath of Spring!”

Lynne Rose

"My yard lacked organization and a sense of unity. It was somewhat chaotic and nothing about it seemed intentional. Annie Gaillard came in with a smart plan and created a really amazing environment suited specifically to the characteristics of the property.
Simple divisions of space brought order to the landscape and a beautiful natural flow was created. The plantings that Annie recommended were well conceived to work with respect to sunlight, shade, drainage, privacy, and nuisances such as deer. The work crew was professional and creative in their own right. Their level of expertise and standard of excellence was apparent at all times.”

Erica Jensen

“Anne Gaillard is like the Beethoven of landscaping! She is the maestro with a vision and her highly trained and efficient crew is the orchestra.
She transformed my small property into a peaceful, secluded sanctuary with various trees, shrubs and flowers blooming one after the other….and all of her crew are polite, efficient and as strong as machines!”

Rebecca DeLaet

"We bought a house on a one-acre lot, which had been beautifully landscaped. We had, to be honest, no idea at the time what an integral part the yard would play in our suburban lives as we had relocated from Manhattan. Within the first month of being in the house we knew we loved the yard more than the house.
At first we thought the yard had been designed to be aesthetically pleasing but we quickly realized that it had been designed to be used twelve months a year. During the spring the yard has several flower cycles that it goes through, each more engaging than the next. During the spring, summer and fall the patio gives clear views to the back of the yard enabling us to see the children playing ball or on the swing set when the adults are sitting and chatting, barbecuing, or relaxing on the lawn chairs. The location of the trees gives complete privacy to us despite the fact that the yard is on a busy road.

Most importantly, the yard is flexible enough for us to grow. When we wanted to create an area for a built in barbecue and stove top, it was easily done in a location that gave us perfect access to the kitchen. When we wanted to install a hot tub Annie found a location so perfectly suited that it looks as if the yard were built with the hot tub in mind all along.

Most importantly, regardless of the time of year, Annie and her crew are two steps ahead of us regarding maintenance and planning for the yard and the plantings, coordinating the water, the trimming, the planting and even surprising us with pumpkins and other seasonal surprises throughout the year.

We could not be more pleased with the result of Annie’s efforts to not just maintain but to continue to make our yard into a very important extension of our house. We receive compliments on it all the time and are always careful to point out that it is all due to Annie.”

Fiona Dogan

“Annie Gaillard and Barrie Hedge of Breath of Spring are innovative, visionary and gifted landscape gardeners who bring life, zest and boundless creativity to their projects.
Annie and Barry have worked on my garden for several years now, and every season they bring fresh new ideas to help shape and enhance the plantings and design.  What could have turned into yet another nice but typical Westchester manicured garden has evolved into a wonderful mélange of color and shape, with gently flowing lawns, masterful stonework and a fantastic array of flowers, plants, trees and bushes.

I am very happy with their work and would not hesitate to recommend them further.”

Claire Doyle

“Breath of Spring was a breath of fresh air for us. As soon as we met Annie Gaillard, we knew she would be different from all of the other landscapers we had worked with. She has got heart, creativity, expertise, loyalty and a true dedication to your property and how your family uses it.
Annie always balances practical issues with a vision toward long-term beauty. She addressed all of our drainage issues and saved our inventory of plants before adding a gorgeous variety of bulbs, perennials and trees to give us a constant rotation of color and interest.

Breath of Spring dramatically increased the usable space and drama in our yard with beautiful dry stacked retaining walls, a slate patio and double entry staircase. Each year Annie reassesses our yard to see what needs to be pruned, moved, added and/or organically fertilized. Once you’re a client of Annie and Breath of Spring, you know your yard will be lovingly watched and nurtured.”

Alex Gatti, PTA Garden Committee Co-Chair

“We can not thank you enough for designing and building Murray Farms for our school. Our garden is a hands-on, outdoor classroom and learning laboratory that has benefited students, teachers, parents and even our community.
We are incorporating garden activities into our curriculum at every grade level! Your concept was both beautiful and functional and exceeded our expectations. It’s not just a garden, it’s a sanctuary.”

Margo Ressa

"When Ann and Barrie saw my property they had a vision. They took an unusable side yard and turned it into is a beautiful rolling field. They built graceful rock walls with the correct perspective to soften and hide retaining walls.
The plantings were carefully selected with great thought to proper placement and color. As for drainage, Ann is the master. Breath of Spring was critical in making my new home look as if it had been there for a century.”

Holly Simmons

“We thought we had a nice yard and just wanted to flatten it out and make it more usable. Annie with her vision brought us an entirely new property! Her ability to see things in a fresh new perspective transformed our lovely yard into an exquisite estate that complements our house in the most authentic way imaginable.
She and her staff are second to none in terms of quality and speed of work. She also stands behind everything she does and made sure we were more than happy with the results. We could not be more pleased with her service and ability to coordinate all aspects of landscaping design and maintenance.”

Cara and Patrick Pozzuoli

“Thanks to Annie’s vision, our property has been transformed and is much more functional. There is now a wonderful play space for the kids, beautiful landscaping and stone walls that look like they have always been there.
We appreciate Breath of Spring’s commitment and flexibility in executing the project in well thought out phases. The crew is hard working and dedicated.  It’s great to work with someone who we know always has our best interests at heart.”

Les and Beth Barnes

“For 10 years, Breath of Spring has always made our first look at the new season absolutely breathtaking. Anne recreated what was our small, rundown, and boring backyard into a colorful, flourishing, and wonderful space to entertain.
Family and friends give us numerous compliments on the transformation from our broken down wooden porch to a gorgeous patio with impeccable stonework. Her use of only organic fertilizers is just another reason to call her back every season to spruce up the work she’s done with our annual flowers. With all her hard work from planting several trees to her exquisite flower choice, there is never a doubt in our mind that Anne is the best in the business.”

Adam and Katie Davis

“Breath of Spring has been an integral part of shaping the look and function of our home over the past decade; hand building stone walls, contouring land, designing and building patios, planting trees and controlling the flow of water.
The quality and aesthetics are unsurpassed. The personnel are craftsman. Annie is a landscaping force of nature.

Sue and Paul Degnan

“What came to Annie so quickly, and which we really could not see until we were well underway, was how we could use the opportunity to install a small patio, to turn a section of our very sloping property into flat, usable yard.
Annie and her capable team also addressed the fact that since our house sits at the bottom of a large development sited on a hill, that we should be proactive in directing runoff from the rest of the neighborhood, without adversely affecting our next-door neighbor. Not only that, but we have the greenest, thickest, chemical-free grass I have ever seen.

Annie also has an excellent team of professionals to implement all aspects of the plan. The team that was on-site daily was always responsive to my questions and concerns, and everyone was truly a pleasure to work with. I always looked forward to seeing Annie, because her sense of humor was infectious. You can tell she delights in what she does.”

Jeanette Zboray

“How wonderful it is to pull into my driveway and see the very beautiful stonework - my new front porch and the stairs are gorgeous!
Lawrence and David are a work of art – such an amazing transformation!”

Scott Douglass

“Breath of Spring has worked on two properties for us: a classic Federal home that was overgrown, and lacked character, which now has "proper" elegant walkways, terracing and an intimate garden.
Our country house was situated in a beautiful setting but was not ‘comfortable’ in its environment. The home now settles into the landscape and plays off nature in ways reminiscent off Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Waters!”

Meg & Kevin O’Callaghan

“Throughout the last 18 years Annie has consistently improved our landscaping with beautiful stonework and gardens, adding enjoyment and value to our properties.
Her waterfront upbringing gives her unique insight and expertise into the complexities of the Sound Shore environment”

Erich and Monique Bluhm

"We have worked with Annie and her team for almost a decade and we could not be more happy with her work.
She and her team are true artists with a passion and vision that can transform one’s home into a beautiful, peaceful and sustainable oasis. The quality of their work and attention to detail is extraordinary. And unlike so many in her business, Annie and her team deliver results on time and within budget. We could not be more pleased.”