A Woodland Walk In Suburbia

A substantial house from the 1920’s within easy commuting distance of Manhattan, yet sitting on a corner lot and a good sized piece of property. The problem was that a significant portion of the property, in fact almost half was rendered as ‘unusable’ for too long. It had become overgrown woodland with a few substantial trees but mostly small to medium sized relatively new growth.

The opportunity was to connect the relatively small backyard to the front of the house by creating a ‘woodland walk’. This was achieved by clearing all the undergrowth, many of the less established trees and then carefully grading to create a meandering pathway.

Several evergreens we brought in on the perimeter to help give the walk a greater sense of privacy. In addition, flowering woodland shrubs and trees were added for spring /summer interest, along with masses of clumped bulbs; daffodils, bluebells grape hyacinths and wild tulips. The result is unique sense of woodland tranquility deep in suburbia that is perfect for a morning walk with a cup of coffee, or an evening stroll with a glass of wine.

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