An Island Sanctuary 45 minutes from Manhattan

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Snuggled in the Connecticut coastline right off I95 is a five-acre island with extraordinary views up and down Long Island Sound. There are endless sunrises and sunsets, all shimmering on a pallet of sea. We wanted to make it a treasure that was about far more than just the water views; a place one wanted to spend time in and never want to leave.

The island has a series of hidden treasures, which in turn were opportunities for a variety of experiences. A sunken natural stone patio by the boathouse now offers complete shade and a gentle breeze on a sultry summers day. At the highest elevation, (27ft), near the main house, Colorado Blues surround a half-acre of leveled play space with a small picnic patio to watch the little ones. A fifty-mile vista eastward down towards the ocean makes the area breathtaking. To the right of the “garage” apartment is a hot tub set 18″ in the ground, landscaped to have complete privacy, with an outdoor shower. It is very functional, slightly fanciful, and totally unobtrusive.

While the plantings, walks, walls have been chosen specifically to handle salt, create windbreaks, interrupt wave action, it all feels as though the island has always been the way it now is; warm, quietly elegant; a piece of the world in total harmony.

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