Maximum impact and color in a small space

A perennial garden is by definition pure delight. From tulips to holiday it should bring a smile to all “lookers” and a sense of wonder at a world of unexpected possibilities.

This is the front yard approach to a pre depression 80′ x 100′, 2900 sq. foot vintage sort of colonial. In the winter months a mix of blue & green evergreens carry the bones of the garden through texture, stability and movement. Winter feels calm – even serene. Come March, as the earth warms, the garden springs to life wild tulips, tulips of all sorts come up to share their laughter. Low growing early perennials appear amid the tulips and daffodils creating a colorful “floor” that sets off the bulbs even more.

Late spring brings the classics in great profession. Peonies galore, iris and lavender accentuated by roses – all filling the air with fragrance. A thousand lilies greet the mid summer sun and carry the garden to the muted tones of fall. It comes each and every year in all its glory for all to share.

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