A place to relax in the middle of a perennial garden

BOS_0212 copy
Like many families this one was looking for a place to relax and get away from it all. Surprisingly the opportunity existed right in in their back yard.

Several years prior a decision had been made not to put in a swimming pool but to leave a large play space and avoid the stress that often comes with a pool. However, the possibility of a hot tub was something they were interested in considering

There was no logical way to attach it directly to the patio and so a location needed to be found. A retaining wall had been built to create a raised level play space and help with drainage. It seemed that settling the hot tub into this upper area, on top of the wall was a real possibility.

In order to not only make it more attractive, but also to create a particularly serene and peaceful place to spend time, the hot tub was set completely into the ground in a newly created perennial garden that now runs along the to of the retaining wall; as such the tub is unobtrusive, almost invisible. More significantly the end result is a special place where everyone wants to spend time.

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