A Perennial Garden With A Human Story

BOS_0636 copy
A good client and a great friend lost their seven year old daughter to cancer, after two years of “treatments”. The problem was to think of something that we could do for the family that offered the possibility of healing, while still remembering their child.

We designed, donated and built an interactive garden in clear view of the family room, the little one’s favorite place, and in view of the raised patio on one side of the house and the on ground patio on the other side. So, it was visible from the inside and all the key angles outside.

We grounded the garden with an 80 foot long serpentine stonewall, backed by a river of daylilies. We wrapped the wall front and back with continuous gardens. The first spring, the entire family went plant shopping with Breath of Spring. Dad and the kids picked the food for the garden, and mom chose her favorite perennials. Breath of Spring filled in the blanks and made it work. The back is food – berries, tomatoes, lettuce, squash and so on. The front is a really old fashion perennial garden with many of the major species for cut flowers.

Now seven years later, the garden has matured. It is loved, tended, and harvested. It seems to have helped to numb the unthinkable. The little one lives on in her very well cared for, sweetly edible, gorgeously flowering family garden.

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