An Oasis for Natural Learning

A middle school in a good neighborhood not too far from New York with an excellent reputation, plenty of play space but almost all asphalt with very little or no green space.

That would change when Breath of Spring was invited to design and put in a fruit and vegetable garden. The basic idea was that it should be very much a ‘hands-on’ experience for the children to be involved with but also to learn from as well.

Completely fenced off from the rest of the playground it was designed with low raised beds made of stone, stepping-stones across some of the beds that would accommodate little legs, as well as sitting areas for teaching and learning.

To say it has been a success would be an understatement. With every class taking different areas of responsibility and learning opportunities both students and faculty alike have embraced it completely. Not only has it become a focal point and ‘an oasis of natural learning’, but the surprising harvest also became a pleasant surprise for the local food pantries.

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