An exposed property near the center of town, given new life.

A stately house with a back yard that was total exposed to a busy main road. The front of the house felt more ‘protected’, but with a steep driveway to an even busier street, meant that there was no where that the family could allow the children to play unsupervised.

So, the back was re-graded and large dry-wells installed to create a large usable playspace; a legitimate “soccer field”. Once the area was encircled with a mix of different evergreens for screening, the area became a real ‘backyard’, sufficiently secure that the children and their friends could play; and now they do.

The front was also transformed by re-designing the approach; moving the driveway away from the house allowing it stature. Also by bending the driveway to take it away from the house a much greater sense of privacy was created even at the front.

As such, the property has been totally transformed, and more importantly so has the way the family feel about it and use it.

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