Breath of Spring offers a full range of landscaping services from preliminary consultation and site analysis through to full and final installation. It also offers a very well trained, hard-working, efficient team of men, who are all full time; many have been with the company for decades.

  • Site Analysis and Design

    After preliminary consultation a full site analysis is completed. This is translated into a detailed design and full proposal including a complete budget breakdown for review on site.

  • Complete Site Development

    Breath of Spring has it’s own equipment for full site development, which might include the building of walls to create more usable space, better drainage and more pleasing contours. It might also include moving driveways, walks, playhouses and other things that might be in the wrong place

  • Water Control and Drainage

    All too often this is not taken as seriously as it needs to be, but at Breath of Spring water control and drainage has always been an important part of every project. As more municipalities focus on this topic it will become increasingly imperative to have real experience in this area.

  • Masonry

    Breath of Spring’s full time masons have decades of experience between them; they are also true perfectionists. Whether it is a patio installation, a wall, a walk, steps or a pool surround their attention to detail ensures that the end product is impeccable.

  • Understanding organics - healthy soil, healthy plants.

    Breath of Spring is fully organic; always has been and always will be. And unlike others firms that claim to be organic Breath of Spring really knows how to do it properly.

    Organics have worked perfectly for thousands of years; and they still do when applied at the right time and in the right way. It is really the science of the soil, including biology, biochemistry and to some extent geology and hydrology; so doing it right is not easy.

    Breath of Spring really understands organics, understands that good organic soil is a natural web; a combination of soil types, beneficial bacteria, fungi, single cell organisms, enzymes and minerals. The science is remarkably intricate, but vital for bringing life to the soil. Real organic soil, healthy soil builds healthy plants. This in turn feeds and cleanses the environment, which improves the health of everything including you and your family!

  • Plant and Garden Installation

    First each and every tree, shrub and perennial is personally hand picked by one of our designers. Once the soil is amended and properly graded the beds are laid out and modified as necessary, by the original designer. In fact the designer controls the placement of every plant, all walls, each decorative boulder, and the curve of every bed-line. Good plants combined with great supervision and solid creative thinking are the keys to our truly magical landscapes.

  • Making the Impossible, Possible

    ALL OF US, who live in Westchester and Southern Connecticut know that easily buildable and/or developed property is extremely difficult to find. And when one does locate such property, it comes at a premium. We at Breath of Spring specialize in “thinking” outside of the box to transform the unusable to the beautifully useable. Your house and landscape should and will look as though it had always been there.

    Reclaiming seemingly lost property, transforming difficult properties into interesting and useable spaces is a challenge that we meet with discipline and dedication.

    The result is a seamless natural landscape.