Must Reads

Quickly reviewed below are three books covering almost all aspects of what impacts the climate from planet wobble to the methane generated from McDonald’s form of husbandry- check it out. I believe I can say absolutely, that all three books are eye openers and definitely page-turners.

  1. “World Without Ice” by H.N. Pollack. The author writes this as an apology to his six-year-old daughter and as an environmental primer for the reader. It is documented science backed by the IPCC. But so hopeful as well as informative.
  2. “Eating Animals” by Jonathan Safran Foer, who is a true gentle soul. This is very amusing, and will change your view of supermarkets and food forever. I can pretty much guarantee you will modify your diet, much to your benefit.
  3. “Vulture’s Picnic” by Greg Palast. Greg Palast is a very funny, very irreverent, very thorough, investigative reporter who takes a very close look at the world of ‘Big Oil’ and how it operates. This will give a clearer understanding of their philosophy as well as the operations of BP, Exxon etc. as they relate to the detriment of our planet earth, and ultimately our health.

Each and every small step we take to use less energy, to not eat at McDonald’s, to use less gas, to endorse and use sustainable energy, is actually a big step forward. Becoming more informed has the potential to adversely impact the lobby system in place. The combination could be huge!

Happy Reading!