Key Watering Instructions

You need to be familiar with your sprinkler system and how to adjust the system at the box.

In high heat (over 85 degrees), water 2 times a day: 12-13 minutes between 4:00 and 6:00 pm on the manual setting, and the next morning repeat on auto setting.

When the temperature drops (below 80 degrees) turn your system off for one day. The following day, reactivate the system to water when plants are thirsty; every other day for seven to eight minutes around midday. If you have a drip, the time is double but the concept is the same.

The only thing that is automatic about the sprinkler is on and off. You must adjust the times depending on temperature, turn it off in the rain and leave it off for two full days following heavy rain; one day for light rain. In order to do this you will need to learn how to operate your system the way you know how to use your smartphone.

My system is on off 85% of the year. At my home, I run my sprinklers only when it is necessary. You too can help your plants, conserve water and have a better lawn and landscape.

Please remember new plants, transplants and trees need to stay moist, not dry, not soggy, moist. With too much water plants drown and the soil becomes depleted. With too little water the lawn and plants go dormant or into shock and then die.

You are the master of your water.