Changing Weather

It’s really obvious; the weather and the length of seasons are clearly changing.

To understand the current weather, let’s review the new patterns and what effects they have on your garden. First, weather is both more severe and more extreme; when it rains, it rains harder and longer; when it’s hot, it’s hotter for longer; when it snows there is more snow- and so on. The “ more” pattern is because there is 5% more water vapor in our atmosphere and more 80-degree water globally, generating more storms. The cumulative translation is that spring is shorter and earlier; March and April now constitute our spring.

Similarly, if it’s dry, it’s drier longer. Summer is much longer, really as much as 2 plus months longer and growing. This means the ground temperature is hotter, and for longer than any time in recorded history. In addition, winter is warmer overall, but when it is cold, it is extremely cold. The impact on plants and trees is stress. Rapid temperature swings, extreme high and low temperatures, prolonged high winds, dry months dotted with deluges cause actual plant trauma, as well as disruption of established plant growing, blooming, budding times and missed pollinating times.

These conditions are also wreaking havoc on the bird, bug, beetle, bee, bat, fish, crustacean, in fact all animal and marine communities. Add Pesticides to this mix and the picture for these creatures is really horrifying. The Bob White bird is gone altogether, as is the Long Island Lobster. Even the Robins, the beautiful chirpy harbinger of spring, are affected. Its population is down by 50%. Pesticides, nitrates, acidification of the soil along with the changes in the weather have all helped cause this situation. Pesticides also strip the soil of calcium which directly affects bird eggs, snail and turtle shells; further decimating populations.

We are all connected and what we do affects others dramatically! Soil, pests, wild life, beautiful gardens, healthy children, long living pets, are all interwoven. Clear consistent action is necessary now. Every individual effort will make a significant difference and will, in turn, lead to more group efforts.