“The Best Compost”

Mike Merner at Earth Care Farms has been making compost for 30 years and there is nothing else on the market that is even close. It is a full eighteen-month process with unmatched materials; ground oyster shells for calcium, zoo poop from grass fed animals only, leaf litter and more. It’s all heated to 145 degrees for 3 days, and then turned, and turned, and refined. (Check out the Earth Care Farm’s web site).

Personally, our company has converted places that used chemicals for over twenty years to all organic in one year with this compost as one of the main applications. It is NOT hot, and not smelly– just lots of real earth teeming with life. This will go a long way to growing organic lawns easily and it is a “must use” ingredient to wean a lawn from chemicals and synthetic fertilizers to all organic. Apply it to turf each spring and fall. We also apply it after significant rain events and within days the lawns begin to re-emerge. (Combining this compost with Quantum guarantees better growth quicker and faster). For all compost tea makers this compost is your major ingredient.