Weather 101

It’s all about the weather! In fact most of our history is based on weather. It’s time we get a grip on this notion and the impact it has on every emotional state, our finances – every aspect of our lives. As Michio Kaku says, “to move from Civilization 0 to Civilization 1, we need […]

“The Best Compost”

Mike Merner at Earth Care Farms has been making compost for 30 years and there is nothing else on the market that is even close. It is a full eighteen-month process with unmatched materials; ground oyster shells for calcium, zoo poop from grass fed animals only, leaf litter and more. It’s all heated to 145 […]

The Soil Test Dilemma – Road to Organics

NOFA and all the organic organizations recommend soil testing as the first step and virtually every year thereafter. I understand the rationale. The powers that be want to create a disciplined approach. And they want to raise awareness about the very real dangers of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides to human DNA and of course to wild […]

Plant Care Do’s & Don’ts

All of us at Breath of Spring have put our studies, observations and experiences together to generate a workable list of do’s and don’ts that will support healthy, happy gardens in our changing times. 1. Choose intelligently. Pick hardy and indigenous plants when possible. Solidly zone hardy and native plants, trees and grasses will be […]

Organic Lawns “A Primer”

Aside from wildlife, no subject causes more angst, concern and agitated discussions than plain old grass. Try to move that discussion to growing grass organically without any insecticides, synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and get ready for a diatribe on why organics simply “can’t work”. Not only can they work but they work well. It takes […]

Must Reads

Quickly reviewed below are three books covering almost all aspects of what impacts the climate from planet wobble to the methane generated from McDonald’s form of husbandry- check it out. I believe I can say absolutely, that all three books are eye openers and definitely page-turners. “World Without Ice” by H.N. Pollack. The author writes […]

Key Watering Instructions

You need to be familiar with your sprinkler system and how to adjust the system at the box. In high heat (over 85 degrees), water 2 times a day: 12-13 minutes between 4:00 and 6:00 pm on the manual setting, and the next morning repeat on auto setting. When the temperature drops (below 80 degrees) […]

Changing Weather

It’s really obvious; the weather and the length of seasons are clearly changing. To understand the current weather, let’s review the new patterns and what effects they have on your garden. First, weather is both more severe and more extreme; when it rains, it rains harder and longer; when it’s hot, it’s hotter for longer; […]