About Breath Of Spring

Breath of Spring Ltd is unusual in its vision and in its unique ability to recreate properties; properties are transformed from too wet, totally overgrown or marginally useable into fully functional, elegant, stunning landscapes.

Breath of Spring is a team of incredibly well trained and practical professionals who have been delivering perfect jobs for over a quarter of a century. It covers the full spectrum of landscaping from site analysis, through site development to complete installation, including masonry.

Additionally, the Breath of Spring “touch” is soft on the environment. The company is fully organic and always has been. It was also practicing ‘permaculture’ long before it was fashionable.

From start to finish, Breath of Spring has everything covered. So, you can feel confident that you will be completely comfortable coming home to your transformed property.


About Ann Gaillard

The owner of Breath of Spring, Ann Gaillard left a high-pressure Madison Avenue advertising position to start her business in 1984.

Of every landscaping business opened within 8 years of that date, Breath of Spring is the only one in the area that is still in operation today. The reason is simple: Ann has a proven ability to work with elements that are beyond her control, be it drought, downpour, difficult problems or difficult terrain. She also has a proven ability to deliver stunning landscapes.