About Breath Of Spring

Breath of Spring is unusual and unique in all ways. It offers truly creative solutions, and is a company with remarkable vision. Barrie Hedge and Ann Gaillard literally see what isn’t there and do so quickly. Landscapes are not only transformed; They’re made beautiful, colorful, functional, private, 100% organic, a treat for the curious and often edible. When completed, the landscape is seamless and feels as though it has always been that way. Peaceful, elegant, easy! Of course, they’re called “Breath of Spring” for a reason.

Breath of Spring crew is a real team. Personnel is hired and trained to build on their individual natural strengths. Breath of Spring strongly encourages continuing education for its staff. Our core belief is that more education equals a better organization, improved discipline and increased problem-solving. Everyone on the team is encouraged to learn more and fine tune their skills. They work only a labor-day to allow for life and recovery. The job is difficult but very rewarding. Most of the team has worked with Ann at Breath of Spring for more than fifteen years, creating a talented and efficient team.

Ann Gaillard is the original organic pioneer, and with good reason. She grew up on the water in Oyster Bay. Ann saw the disappearance of the Horse shoe crab, and the end of the Flounder. She heard the last of the “Bob White”, the pheasant, and the grouse. It was there she learned all the organics practiced by the estate managers, on all the farms. Healthy local agriculture and husbandry were nonnegotiable, Breath of Spring still adheres to these same values after more than fifty years of knowledge.


About The Creatives

Barrie Hedge left his own successful advertising agency to raise his kids and follow his passion. He has a finely calibrated architectural eye and skills to match. In addition, there is that British wit.

Ann Gaillard is a Sarah Lawrence College graduate, with a degree from Columbia University’s graduate school – also coming from the mad, mad world of advertising. Her philosophy is that “man” should fit into nature, making their landscapes seamless, colorful, and friendly toward human and animal alike. They feel good, look stunning and beg you to come outside and play. Her humor is huge and anything but subtle.